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Technical Infrastructure


A new double very-high-voltage supply line 2 x 110 kV from Výškov distribution plant was built in 2007. It will be completed with a single supply line 1 x 110 kV from Žatec distribution plant. The strategic industrial zone Triangle has current capacity of the electricity 26 MW/22 kV.


Connection fee due to reserved electricity power and realization connection of the electricity in standard tension level 22 kV is 800.000 CZK/MW. This fee must be covered by an investor. The ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. Company is an operator of the electrical net.


Drinking Water

Connection to the existing water main DN 300 running along the western border of the site, balancing water tower with storage capacity of 400 m3 and total capacity of 25 l/sec, i.e. about 60 000 m3/month, or 2 160 m3/day, have been built.


Service Water

Service water supply is connected to the existing service water main DN 500 at the northern part of the energy centre (capacity 5 500 m3/day), balancing reservoir with storage capacity of 11 000 m3 serves for satisfying consumption fluctuation and as a reserve capacity for fire fighting needs.



A branch from the existing high-pressure pipeline DN 200 running along the south-eastern border of the site to the Triangle zone, reduction station and two branches of medium-pressure pipeline along the periphery of the central part of the zone have been built. The Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle has total capacity 15 000 m3/hour (from the existing south branch is available 5 000 m3/hour, from the existing north branch is available maximally up to 10 000 m3/hour).


Rainwater Sewerage

The rain sewerage capacity in the Triangle is 8,6 l/s from 1 hectar.


Wastewater Sewerage

Gravitation sewerage with delivery to Staňkovice pumping station and further to wastewater treatment plant at Žatec with daily capacity 800 m3. Maximal daily capacity is 17 l/s. The new wastewater treatment plant has been built up in the Triangle with total capacity 1 800 m3/day. Required values of pollution indicators are available here [PDF 241 KB]. Trial operation of the new wastewater treatment plant was held in 1 Q. 2014.


Telecommunication Connection

Connection of the industrial zone was be ensured from the southeast part of the Zone from existing cables laid along II/250 road and from the western part from the route running along the western edge of the central part of the Zone. The distribution frame as such was built by providers of telecommunication services on their own expenses as part of their telecommunication network (currently one provider is involved Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s.). Nowaday highest possible speed of internet connection is 50 Mb/s. In the industrial zone are situated two transmitters of companies the O2 Czech Republic and the T-Mobile.


Connection of new investors will be negotiated individually with telephone network operator to arrange for separate  subscriber lines. Existing cable lines are owned by the providers. The Ústí Region is not involved in negotiations in respect of telephone connection.